Sharing baby’s first steps

A baby. Picture: Stock Library
A baby. Picture: Stock Library

New research has revealed the proudest milestone for parents is their toddler’s first steps.

And now the search is on for parents across the UK to share their proudest moments.

Sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, who is celebrating reaching a big milestone of its own, has launched a nationwide competition encouraging parents across the UK to share photos and videos of their proudest and most priceless moments, whether it’s their baby’s first word or their teenager’s prom night photo.

The best entry will be crowned the winner and will receive a Virgin Experience gift card worth £150 to treat the family to a day out of their choice, where they can make even more memories.

The furniture and flooring specialist has launched the competition as part of its celebration of reaching one of its proudest milestones, reaching 100,000 Trustpilot reviews, becoming one of the most reviewed companies in the UK.

The study, carried out alongside the competition, discovered the top five proudest parent moments: Toddler’s first steps (19 per cent); Baby’s first word (16 per cent; First day of school (16 per cent); Baby’s first birthday (8 per cent); Teenager receiving GCSE results (6 per cent).

The research also asked about some of the funniest things parents can recall their children saying and the parents revealed some hysterical moments.

One little boy amused his whole family when he asked, while watching a football match: “Dad, when will they bring on a prostitute?” (meaning substitute)

A mum also described the moment her child bluntly said: “When grandma dies, can we have her dog?”

Another mum was stunned when her two-year-old blurted: “I can’t be patient, I just don’t have that type of brain!”

And a mum was shocked when her child asked: “Why is your tummy so big? How many babies have you got hiding up there?”

Not all kids take criticism well either, with one child arguing back to his dad when he was being told off, saying: “It’s not all about you, it’s not the daddy show.”

Vicki Burns, Communications Executive at ScS, said: “We recently reached the milestone of 100,000 Trustpilot reviews which is a huge moment for us as an organisation, and something we’re really proud of as one of the most reviewed companies in the UK. As a family, we wanted to share this moment with people and families across the UK, by celebrating their proudest moments too.

“The amazing thing about children reaching certain milestones is that it’s unique for every parent and family. Everyone’s experience is different and we’re looking forward to seeing some fantastic entries.”

To enter the competition, submit a photo or video of your proudest parent moment here: