Seeds for success

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Gardening club students had a ‘cherry’ successful time when they organised a market stall to sell the fruits of their labour.

The HACA Plant club, at Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy, ran the stall on Hemsworth Market last month as part of a new sustainable club project taking place at the school.

Students spent weeks after school growing and preparing plants and produce – including hanging baskets, bedding plants, tomato plants and a number of vegetable plants – for the event.

They also worked on pricing up the fruit and vegetables before spending the morning selling their goods.

Money raised on the stall will be used to buy more produce ready for another sale on May 17.

The project is aimed at encouraging students to grow their own produce as well as improving their enterprise and business skills.

Hemsworth Town Council allowed the students to run their market stall free of charge.

Jack Radford, student liaison officer at the academy, said the club’s aim was to make the whole project a sustainable venture by raising enough funds through the sales to fund the purchasing of the produce.

For more information on the project, email or call Mr Radford on 01977 624221.