Scammers target computer users

A DISABLED man who relies on his computer to help others was scammed by hackers.David Stevens, 57, of Carlton Road, South Elmsall, who offers guidance to other disabled people said he was called by someone claiming they were from a computer software company and they needed to fix a problem on his computer.

Saturday, 16th February 2013, 9:07 am
Disabled man David Stephens is almost scammed out of cash over the phone by hackers - pic with his local computer helper Steve Eades.

He said when they called it seemed genuine. 
He said: “They asked me to download a piece of software, which I did. But this then gave the person on the phone remote access to my computer.

“I just thought, what have I done?”

Mr Stevens said at first they said the repairs would be free, but the price soon escalated up to £300.

While still on the phone he quickly called his computer technician, Steve Eades, who told him he was being scammed. Mr Stevens quickly ended the call. His computer had to be repaired.

Inspector Geoff Carter from the South East Neighbourhood Policing Team warned people to be cautious about such calls.