Save both our libraries

FIRST of all I would like to wish you all a prosperous new year.

Better late than never.

As you are all aware we have a library in Kinsley and one in Hemsworth, both of which are new buildings.

If one has to be shut then why can’t we have the one in Kinsley open for two and a half days and the one in Hemsworth open for the other two and a half?

Personally, I have seen children from local schools going to both these libraries and I strongly believe closing one will deprive them of their future education.

All the people in this area pay their rates like everyone else so why pick on our two libraries?

Now, onto the recent inclement weather.

As you are all aware after the first snow, if you went to a supermarket you were walking on an ice rink.

They are pleased to take your money off you but do no provide a safe car park for their customers.

Not only this, but the pavements in Hemsworth were a disgrace to Wakefield Council. I only hope this doesn’t happen again but with all the cutbacks I’m afraid I can certainly see it repeating itself.

With regards to Vale Head Park, I understand that the pavilion is going to be pulled down.

What you don’t know is that they were given a £25,000 grant out of the section 106 agreement money.

I read about all these cutbacks but you don’t see any of our district councillors saying they will take a pay cut to help the public out.

As you are aware the elections will be taking place in May and you will see all the good things that are going to happen between now and May.

If the Sandygate football fields are anything to go by then all I can say is God help us.

I hear that the council is taking tables out of the Windsurfer and having them done up for the new castle in Hemsworth.

Outside the Windsurfer the picnic benches are to be replaced with new ones.

One councillor suggested getting local people to make and supply them.

He was outvoted nine to one. This is the way your money is being spent.

EA Barratt,

Fieldside Road, Kinsley.