SAS soldier pens book about battle with PTSD

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A former SAS soldier has taken to writing following advice from his psychiatrist in his ongoing battle to overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Under the pen name of PT Saunders, within the first months since completing ‘Cupboard Boy’, more than 2,000 kindle and paperback copies have been sold.

Living in Allerton Bywater, ‘Paul’ says his writing is helping him deal with PTSD.

He said: “After six years of varying treatments I am pleased to say I have pretty much recovered and am able to lead a fairly normal life.

“I began to chronicle my life and the way that PTSD can be so debilitating to a once very active person.”

Now an English tutor, his first book chronicles his life living following a troubled childhood spoilt by serious physical abuse.

At 18, Paul joined the Army where he served with the Parachute Regiment and the SAS.

He took part in the Falklands War and the first Gulf War, as well as several tours of Northern Ireland, but endured more misery, including one tour where his unit was blown up and a close friend was killed.

In 2010 he started suffering from PTSD - his marriage broke down, he became depressed and twice tried to take his life.

After seeking help, he turned to writing. His book is available from, costing £2.99 on kindle and £4.95 on paperback.

He is now following up his successful first book with a more detailed account of living with PTSD, his stay in hospital and how it effects his life today.