Sainsbury’s get in the sticker swap spirit for World Cup

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Fans of football sticker collecting are preparing to fill their books at Sainsbury’s at the White Rose Shopping Centre.

The traditional football sticker swap is alive and well in Yorkshire and Sainsbury’s stores in Leeds White Rose are set to hold a Panini World Cup Sticker Swap tomorrow, Saturday June 28.

It’s expected to attract fans of all ages, with Leeds White Rose store running an event from 2pm-4pm.

The store is one of 50 Sainsbury’s supermarkets holding sticker swap events and so far, the retailer has sold over 23 million individual Panini stickers with 1.6 million individual stickers sold in Yorkshire.

Tomorrow, fans of all ages will get the chance to get their hands on their players they really need to complete their teams. 640 stickers are required to complete the Panini sticker album.

Sainsbury’s Leeds White Rose store manager Paul Calvert said: “We know sticker-swapping is popular with all age groups and we hope fans will come down and join in the swapping samba! England maybe out of the World Cup but the football carnival continues at Sainsbury’s Leeds White Rose”.

Despite England being knocked out of the tournament last week, it hasn’t stopped Sainsbury’s customers supporting the World Cup. Judging on sales, it appears Brazil is the nation’s second favourite team, after Sainsbury’s saw a 200 per cent uplift in sales of Brazil merchandise which includes the caxixi shakers, horns and flags.