Road closure is ‘perilous’

REFERRING to the road closure on Westfield Road, Hesmworth, how will large vehicles, refuse collection wagons and delivery vans turn around at the closure point to return to Barnsley Road?

There is no turning circle/hammerheads, Pear Tree Lane is too narrow to reverse into, and the road is too narrow to facilitate a three-point turn,

Will the large vehicles have to reverse back to Regent Street, into possible on-coming traffic and passing by and between parked vehicles?

Maybe the authorities will ban large vehicles between Regent Street and the closure point, diverting heavy goods up Regent Street and down West Street, and leaving residents to cart their refuse bins and boxes to the end of Regent Street and Mount Avenue.

The possible perilous consequences of the closure could be numerous.

No doubt a council bureaucrat has carried out a fully comprehensive risk assessment and a health and safety analysis!

Maybe not. It is Wakefield Highways Department!

B Denham

Mount Avenue