Riders should be responsible

On Saturday, my wife took our two dogs for there regular walk along the bridle way that runs along side the Hemsworth By-pass.

As she walked down a slight incline she caught sight of two horse riders approaching her. Knowing that dogs and horses do not always see eye to eye, she dashed to get our dogs onto there leads.

The riders made no attempt to slow down or wait for her to get the dogs under control and she only managed to get one onto her lead by this time the horses were next to her.

As she passed, one of the riders told my wife she may wish to “check your dog” as she thought he may have been kicked by her horse. When my wife asked why they had not waited she was told “it is a bridle way you know” as if my wife had no right to be there.

Can I use your paper to point out to this and other horse riders that in law a public bridleway/path is for the use of pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists and each should have “due consideration” for the others.

We are responsible dog owners and clean up after our animals, which is more than can be said for horse riders, and while I realise that the health implications between the two are not the same it is still not pleasant to walk through horse muck or to clean it off your dog when it gets in there hair.

Can I also point out that the field that is at the top of Highfield Road is a playing field and not a gallop.

Had my dog nipped her horse she would have been screaming for money for the vet bills and asking for my dog to be destroyed. My dogs are insured for public liability is your horse?

Just so you know my dog who is very placid has now developed and limp so must have been kicked and will be at the vet as soon as they open. Bet I get no offer towards his bill.

Horse riders please check out the law, its on the internet, and have consideration for others.

Paul Stuart

Burntwood Bank