Residents have their say on problem road

Minsthorpe Lane
Minsthorpe Lane

RESIDENTS affected by the lorries that travel on Minsthorpe Lane gathered together last Tuesday to voice their concerns to a Wakefield Council traffic engineer.

More than 15 locals attended the meeting at Upton Village Hall and discussed the number of heavy goods vehicles that drive on the road, the speed they travel and the weight of their load.

Linda Burden, 55, of Minsthorpe Lane, said: “The road is so dangerous because of the lorries’ speed and there are children going to three schools in the area. It is dangerous.”

Bob Whyatt, senior traffic engineer, answered the concerns.

Mr Whyatt said it was one of the safetest routes in the district with only two accidents in the past three years.

He said: “We have spent a lot of money to make that road safe.”

He said the council did not have the power to restrict lorries’ access as they had the right to drive on the road.

Residents asked if a permit system could be put in place to only allow those lorries travelling to Langthwaite Business Park, but Mr Whyatt said there had been one put in place in Castleford and it had not worked.

He also said he did not think the police had the time or resources to implement the system.

Mr Whyatt said: “We can’t deny access, and there is no way to stop weight limit as this only applies to structures.

“They will go in and out whether you like it or not.

“The council cannot reduce the number of lorries going in and out of the industrial estate.”

He said he would reinforce signs in the area to ensure drivers used the bypass when appropriate and would look into a ban on traffic at Brierley Gap to try and tackle drivers that used Minsthorpe Lane when there were alternative routes available.