Residents call for action over illegal parking near Pinderfields Hospital

Pinders Heath residents have raised concerns over an increased amount of illegal and inconsiderate parking on Aberford Road, at the junction with Barnstone Vale.

Friday, 29th June 2018, 1:04 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th July 2018, 6:18 pm

Matt Yates lives on the estate and says that while parking on nearby roads has always been a problem, cars have now begun to park on the main road itself, which is hazardous to those who live nearby.

He said: “I’ve witnessed the aftermath of two collisions in the last week. I would imagine it’s the hospital. Whether that’s staff or patients, it’s not wanting to pay the fees, or maybe the car park is full.”

In a statement, West Yorkshire Police confirmed that they are aware of the issue and have issued penalty fines to a number of drivers.

They said: “People are concerned over the safety of pedestrians and road users, please take this into consideration when deciding where to park your vehicle.

“Is there enough room to get by without causing an obstruction to the view, pavement and junction?”

Matt does not believe the fines are enough to deter those who park there, and says there is confusion about whether it is the responsibility of the police or the Highways Agency to deter drivers.

His frustration has been mimicked by several Twitter and Facebook users, who have branded it a “dangerous” problem and called for double yellow lines to be painted on the road.

One pointed out that anyone trying to leave the Pinders Heath estate was at risk of a collision with oncoming traffic, and another said: “Will it take an accident before we get double yellow lines?”

Staff at the hospital pay for parking permits, but these apply only to designated bays and do not guarantee spaces for everyone.

It is legal to park on the road provided that the car is not within 10 metres of a junction and does not obstruct the traffic flow or block the pavement.

But Matt says that this new parking problem is endangering drivers, who cannot see oncoming traffic.

In the past, residents had raised concerns about parking on Barnstone Vale, which has now been marked with double yellow lines.

Matt believes that the situation will not improve unless the same happens on Aberford Road.