Rabbit was left with broken leg for months

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A RABBIT had to be put down after being kept in a basket with a broken leg for two months, a court heard.

Catherine Muir, 32, of Priory Estate, South Elmsall, kept the injured rabbit in the basket and did not seek any veterinary treatment for its broken leg.

Prosecuting, RSPCA agent Ian Drummond told Wakefield Magistrates Court that an animal welfare officer visited Muir in January this year.

The officer was told by Muir that the problem with the rabbit’s leg had dated back to November 2011.

The rabbit, named Black Drops, was taken to a vet along with another rabbit that Muir had been keeping in the basket for two weeks.

Mr Drummond told the court: “The vet will have told you following examination that the rabbit was dull and depressed. It had a completely broken right, hind leg and was under weight.

“The vet found that the broken leg could be completely turned at the site of the fracture. As a result of that the rabbit was euthanised.

“Not surprisingly the vet found the rabbit to have been caused unnecessary suffering and it and the other rabbit to have been kept in inadequate conditions.”

The vet found Black Drops to have a body weight score of four out of nine, with five being the ideal weight.

Representing Muir, Mrs Wood said: “Her explanation was that she thought she had put in place adequate conditions.”

Muir was given an eight week curfew order from 7pm until 7am daily, after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Black Drops and failing to provide the rabbit with an appropriate diet and a suitable environment.

She was also disqualified from keeping or caring for animals for 15 years, and fined £200.