Providing a Turning Point for 30 years

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A drug and alcohol rehabilitation service celebrated its 30th birthday with a barbecue event at its South Kirkby branch.

Turning Point marked the occasion by showcasing the work of the people who use the service and its mentors and partner agencies.

The event also offered people a chance to find out more about what Turning Point offers.

The service turned 50 this year but it was only launched in the Wakefield district 30 years ago.

The South Kirkby branch, on Langthwaite Road, offers a drug treatment service and needle exchange as well as an outreach service across the Express area.

The social enterprise helps people affected by drug and alcohol misuse, mental health problems, unemployment, offending issues and learning disabilities.

Some of the services offered include counselling, help in dealing with agencies such as housing and social services and complementary therapies.

Bev Rankine, senior team leader at Turning Point in Wakefield, said: “We wanted to celebrate Turning Point’s 50th birthday nationally and 30 years of delivering services in the Wakefield area.

“It was very much a celebration of the achievements of service users and an opportunity for people to learn more about the services that we offer.”

For more information or to get help, visit or call 01977 642611.