Prolific burglar who kicked house front door down is jailed for three years

Joseph Jenkins
Joseph Jenkins

A PROLIFIC burglar who kicked the front door down at a Pontefract house and raided a property in Knottingley has been jailed for three years.

Joseph Jenkins targeted the detached house on Mill Hill in Pontefract at around 5pm on Sunday August 12 last year, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor, Lorraine Harris said a man sat in an upstairs room at the house heard a crashing noise so loud he thought the ceiling had collapsed.

Miss Harris said he went downstairs and saw the wooden front door had been kicked in and was hanging by only the security chain.

Police crime scene investigators later found Jenkins' fingerprints on the front door.

The court heard Jenkins knew a man who lived at a house on Broomhill Square in Knottingley was in police custody on January 26 and was given the keys to take a Vauxhall Astra from outside the address, which had previously been burgled.

Miss Harris said Jenkins, 41, burgled the house and stole property including two TV sets, the keys to a Honda Civic car and a Liverpool Football Club membership card.

The court heard Jenkins, of Cromwell Crescent, Pontefract, drove away in the Astra with his then partner Katie Ascough in the passenger seat.

The car was later found abandoned in Wakefield.

Just after 12pm on January 26, a resident on Oakenshaw Lane in Walton, Wakefield, disturbed Jenkins who was opening the boot of his unlocked BMW on the driveway outside his home while Ascough sat in the passenger seat.

A sat nav and CDs were stolen from the BMW.

Jenkins admitted attempted burglary at the house in Pontefract and burglary at the house in Knottingley.

He also admitted theft of the Vauxhall Astra and theft from the BMW.

Jenkins was convicted after a trial of assaulting a 17-year-old youth in the Chequerfield area of Pontefract on August 12 2017 and of taking the youth's Yamaha motorcycle without his consent.

Ascough, aged 25, of College Grove Road, Wakefield, admitted handling stolen goods following the burglary in Knottingley and being carried in the Vauxhall Astra after it was taken without the owner's consent.

Ascough also admitted theft from the BMW in Wallton, four charges of making off without payment in connection with fuel thefts and one charge of shop theft.

A probation service spokesman said Ascough, a hairdresser with no previous convictions, was in a relationship with Jenkins at the time of the offences, adding: "She tells me she made a stupid mistake and got involved with the wrong person."

Christopher Morton, for Jenkins, said: "At the time he was homeless, subject to addictions and stealing to survive."

Judge Tom Bayliss QC handed Ascough a 26 week prison sentence suspended for two years and 250 hours of unpaid work.

The court heard Jenkins has 38 previous convictions for 108 offences including burglary and theft.

Jailing Jenkins for three years, Judge Bayliss told him: "You are a prolific criminal and a prolific burglar."