Precept to rise

The new community centre, on the corner of Bullenshaw Road, Hemsworth, that is being buit by Hemsworth town council.'h0871a005
The new community centre, on the corner of Bullenshaw Road, Hemsworth, that is being buit by Hemsworth town council.'h0871a005
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What the money is for Budget Budget 2011/12 2012/13

HEMSWORTh residents will pay an extra 3.75 per cent towards local services due to a rise in the parish precept.

Hemsworth Town Council agreed at a meeting on Tuesday that its council tax precept would rise from £482,000 to £500,000 for the 2012-13 financial year.

Due to a change in the council tax base figure, the rise will mean an increase of 2.5 per cent for band A homes and 3.5 per cent for band D properties. The precept equates to a rise from £1.56 to £1.60 a week for band A properties and from £2.34 to £2.42 for band D properties.

The levy pays for services provided by the town council, including allotments, a bonfire event, the garden scheme for elderly and disabled residents, a summer seaside event, Hemsworth Water Park, Sandygate Football Facility and the Hemsworth Town Council Community Centre.

A report to councillors at the meeting showed that the increased precept will pay for a number of additional services in the coming year, including the new Lakeside cafe and children’s play area at Hemsworth Water Park, the running of Hemsworth Market, which was taken over from Wakefield Council last year, and several events to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. There will be new or additional signs installed at the water park and possibly at the community centre.

Portaloos and skip hire will continue to be provided at allotment sites and councillors will also look at installing new security fencing at Springfields allotments.

The budget report also showed that income at the new community centre and football facility was below what was initially estimated.

Council chairman Coun Tony Upson, said: “It must be stressed that the Town Council remains fully committed to maintaining all its services as well as running new services in a challenging financial climate. The Council is committed to continuing to provide and enhance facilities that meet the community’s needs, and in doing so, achieving them at best value and at minimal cost to the public.”

Coun Jim Kenyon proposed an amendment in the special finance meeting, which was held before the full town council meeting, that the precept stay the same as last year but the amendment failed. Four councillors, including Coun Kenyon, voted against the precept rise at the full council meeting.

Water Park 117,883 132,534

Windsurfer 30,000 30,800

Changing rooms 3,808 1,252

Bonfire 20,682 15,163

Allotments 32,248 49,564

Garage Plots -150 -30

Garden Scheme 23,368 16,310

Offices 12,600 20,929

Corporate management 71,627 75,627

Civic and general 77,318 61,779

Loans and financing 19,373 19,373

GMU allocated allocated

Section 137 10,200 10,200

Capital projects Nil to be agreed HTC community centre 133,588 107,376

Sandygate football facilities 36,655 56,130

Hemsworth Market N/A 5,600

Sub total 589,200 602,607

Use of balances 107,200 102,607

Use of capital receipts nil nil

Precept 482,000 500,000