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AS one of the three objectors who attended court to object to the road naming fiasco, I wish to add my response to the people who expressed disgust at the comments ‘xenophobia’ and ‘village clown’ made by Coun Harrison.

A further 20 people objected within the timescale laid down. An individual letter to each objector stated that they would have to pay a £200 court fee. This was misleading as one payment covered all who objected.

It is quite obvious that he tried to engineer this road naming through on stocking feet.

He then garnered support from the town council. At no time was there any move to consult the electorate. With 15 members of the council it should have been a simple task to make the road naming public and seek the opinion of the electorate.

The response from the local area should bring home the reality of the sizable anti-feeling. It is likely that local opinion will refer to the road naming as ‘Harrison’s Folly’.

Band A properties in Moorthorpe and South Kirkby are paying £136.85 to the town council. In total the town council is receiving £641,700 including a 2.4 per cent increase this year from the taxpayers of the township, unlike WMDC, the police and fire authorities who have kept their increase to zero.

Apart from Millennium Hall which costs to hire a room, the revamped Sheppard Garden which was funded by a grant secured by a residents group and designed by Moorthorpe School pupils which help from Groundwork and requiring only minimum maintenance by the Town Council, and Gallons Croft fields, the council holdings in Moorthorpe do not amount to the income generated by Moorthorpe taxpayers.

The council’s income is providing a double taxing for the residents as the WMDC do not have to provide the facilities that are enjoyed by non-parished parts of the district but paid for by us all.

When ten electors requested a poll to be held about the road naming, the clerk of the council complained it would cost a lot of money to hold. Democracy does cost money, but the people are prepared to pay to bear that cost to enjoy true democracy in our area.

Margaret Cawthorne

Minsthorpe Vale

South Elmsall