Yorkshire MP Jon Trickett warned Labour of impending election wipeout in the North

Yorkshire MP Jon Trickett has said there was “little excuse” for the Labour Party not understanding the problems they were facing in the North as he had produced a report on the issues just months before the election.

Mr Trickett, Labour MP for Hemsworth, told The Guardian a document prepared by him and party Chairman Ian Lavery which warned voters outside of London were turning away from Labour was “unwelcome and suppressed” by Jeremy Corbyn.

Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth. Photo: JPI Media

Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth. Photo: JPI Media

And he added: “I don’t think it was understood how significant the problems in the North were - though there was little excuse for not understanding it.”

The document, called Northern Discomfort, was given the Mr Corbyn in September and was based on research in 50 northern seats.

It recommended scrapping the idea that traditionally safe seats did not need to be defended plus the return of power to northern communities.

But Mr Trickett told The Guardian: “It went into the ether. It got lost and we couldn’t get it signed off.

“We formed the impression that it was unwelcome and suppressed.”

Speaking after he won his seat last week, but on a heavily reduced majority, Mr Trickett said he had warned his party their Brexit strategy would lose them seats.

He said: "I've lived all my life in what I still call the West Riding of Yorkshire and I am proud to represent the residents of Hemsworth, who for the eighth time now sent me back into the House of Commons.

"The party which doesn't listen to a clear message from its voters is a party which is doomed to face problems. The truth is we failed as party to understand the message of the people, especially in the North.

"I warned the party leadership repeatedly not to proceed with an improper Brexit. There are people in our party who want to attempt to reverse the decision of the people.

"That was a mistake and we need to put that right."

Mr Trickett won a majority of 1,180 votes, with 16,460 votes to Tory Louise Calland's 15,280.

In 2017, Mr Trickett secured 25,740 of 45,944 votes cast.