Plans for 42 Wakefield flats revealed, but developers want affordable housing rule scrapped

Plans to build 42 flats on the western edge of Wakefield city centre have been revealed.

Developers want to convert part of an industrial estate into apartments.

Cockroft Mill, on the junction between Alverthorpe Road and Stafford Terrace

Cockroft Mill, on the junction between Alverthorpe Road and Stafford Terrace

The property concerned is Cockroft Mill, on the junction between the city's Alverthorpe Road and Stafford Terrace.

It's proposed that 27 of the 42 apartments would be one-bed flats, with the remainder two-bed properties.

There would also be parking space for 41 cars and 16 bikes.

In a planning statement submitted to Wakefield Council, Urbana Town Planning said: "Crucially, the proposals will make a valuable contribution towards achieving the housing targets of Wakefield Council and will better utilise the site in question given its location."

However, the council has been asked to waive a rule which forces developers to sell a certain number of new homes below a certain value.

The rule was introduced to ensure there is enough affordable housing in the district, but Urbana claim the developers, Distinfields Properties, may not be able to recoup their costs if this is enforced.

The company added: "In summary, if the development were to comply with the conditions of local policy with regard to affordable housing, the scheme would generate an estimated deficit of £1,773,493.

"While there are scenarios in which the scheme can be made financially viable, all would necessitate the removal of on-site affordable housing provision.

"In light of these findings, it is respectfully requested that Wakefield Council waive the requirement of on-site affordable housing provision."

Residents can have their say on the plans through the council's online planning portal.

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