How bulky waste charges in Leeds and Wakefield compare to Yorkshire and UK fees

The pictures in Leeds and Wakefield.
The pictures in Leeds and Wakefield.

Bulk waste collections in Leeds cost less than half the national average, new statistics reveal.

An investigation by the BBC Shared Data Unit has today revealed the average charge from councils collecting items such as furniture and household goods is £11 for a first item, with this dropping to £7.70 in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Many local authorities across the country once offered the service for free, but now a majority charge amid pressures on their budgets.

In Leeds, the average cost per item was £5 after residents initially paid a £20 booking fee. There is also no separate rate for the collection of fridges and freezers in Leeds like there are in some areas.

However, the investigators found that there was a “limited service with wait of up to three weeks” in the city.

Four items can be taken away at a time, with a maximum of four collections in one year.

In Wakefield, the average cost was £6.90, according to investigators.

The most expensive area for collections regionally was in Harrogate, where it costs an average of £21 per item, and there is an additional charge for more than two items per visit.

In 2017-18, there were nearly one million fly-tipping incidents in England. Of those, more than half – 521,895 – of the items dumped were white goods or other household waste.

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesperson said: “It is up to local authorities to set their priorities for the collection of waste and recycling on a local level – based on the needs of their local communities and within the national waste policy.”