EU referendum: Andrea Jenkyns likely to vote to leave EU

Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood.
Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood.

YORKSHIRE'S Eurosceptic MPs may have another member among their ranks as Andrea Jenkyns is due to give her strongest indication yet that she will be voting to leave.

She made her admission during an afternoon filming session for tonight's ITV regional political programme Last Order’s.

Declaring that she is likely to vote to leave the EU is understood to have ruffled feathers among party members, many of whom were expecting the new MP to publicly align herself with the Prime Minister’s desire to remain.

A spokesperson for the MP, who swiped her seat for the Conservatives by toppling Labour’s Ed Balls at the May General Election, said on the ‘balance of probabilities’ she will ‘vote out’.

He said the Morley and Outwood respresentative is a ‘well known Eurosceptic’ but would still wait to see what deal the Prime Minister finally strikes when he takes his proposal to the 27 member states later this month.

He said: “She has always been frank about her Euroscepticism. On the balance of probabilities the liklihood is that she will vote out but will take a look at the Prime Minister’s deal following the EU Council.”

Fellow Conservative MPs Philip Davies, the member for Shipley, and the member for Haltemprice and Howden, David Davis, have also said they would vote to leave the EU.