Policing team help Wakefield families have a healthier 2016

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Young Wakefield families are being given a helping hand to have a healthier 2016 through a sports project to combat anti-social behaviour.

The Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team have joined forces with local schools and Wakefield Council to set up sports and healthy eating sessions for children and their parents in the Flanshaw Avenue area.

It is hoped the weekly sessions, held at the Denhale Active Recreation Centre (ARC) , will run over the next 12 months, and help provide a focus on healthy eating and sports for young families.

The scheme has been supported by partners including staff at the recreation centre, Wakefield Council, St Michael’s Academy and Flanshaw School.

Sporting activities carried out at the sessions have included football, bodge ball, long jump, indoor javelin (using soft sponge materials) and use of the gym.

Outdoor activities such as rugby will be offered when the weather improved.

PCSO Jon Fahey, who set up the project, said: “We wanted to set up a project that would be used for sporting activity sessions for the local young people. Some of these young people have some behavioural issues and this project would benefit them.

“It will give them something to look forward to and something to motivate them as well as helping to bring the families relationships together.”

Jon said a key aim of the sessions was to teach the young people teamwork and help broaden their horizons and learn new skills.

“We’ve had great support from both St Michael’s Academy and Flanshaw Junior school and I want to thank their head teachers and Wayne Ball at the ARC for all their help.

“We are already receiving a very positive response from the local community and hopefully we are well on the way to helping residents adopt healthier lifestyles,” he added.