Police teach pupils

Sergeant Emma Aldred with children at Fitzwilliam Primary School
Sergeant Emma Aldred with children at Fitzwilliam Primary School

police have been teaching children the importance of reading after requests from pupils.

Pupils at Fitzilliam Primary School had an interactive session with a sergeant after writing to Wakefield District Police.

The children sent letters to a number of different bodies as part of a creative writing project to find out why literacy skills are important in working life.

They had responses from the police, local businesses and even David Attenborough.

Training officer Emma Aldred took mini-uniforms for the pupils to try on and gave a talk on what police do, and why reading and writing is important.

Sgt Aldred said: “It was an excellent interactive session and a great opportunity for the training department to work with the community and inspire young children to work hard and utilise their skills in every day life.”

They also talked about the importance of healthy lifestyles and fruit and vegetables and encouraged them to work hard and be kind to one another.

Headteacher Sue Harrison said: “It was a wonderful afternoon and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“The project was part of a creative letter writing week - the whole week has inspired children to write.”