Police clamp down on off-road motorbikes

PC Dave Jackson with his off-road motorbike at South Kirby.  (h601a302)
PC Dave Jackson with his off-road motorbike at South Kirby. (h601a302)
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IF you can’t beat them, join them, is an oft used phrase.

But the police in the Express area have not only joined them but also beaten them by getting their own off-road motorbike to clamp down on people using such bikes illegally across the district.

PC Dave Jackson, of the South East neighbourhood policing team (NPT), is the man in the saddle helping to alleviate the problem.

Since he started working from South Kirkby police station four months ago, PC Jackson has already stopped and checked more than 100 motorbikes and seized six which were being ridden illegally.

He said that off-road motorbikes were a big problem across the area and it was decided an officer was needed on duty on a daily basis.

He added: “I have also dealt with traffic accidents and incidents as well as assisting with normal anti-social behaviour patrols.”

PC Jackson, who works across the whole Wakefield district, said that the addition of the bike has made for quicker response times to all types of incidents.

He also visited primary schools across the area as part of the NPT’s Road Safety Week in November teaching youngsters about the dangers of motorbikes.

He added: “Everybody has the right to live in the community safely and to enjoy the benefits of the community without the dangers of off-road bikes or quads.

“Having the bike has helped a lot and it’s a good asset we have got but we are not out to do people over, we just don’t want people to be in danger because of off-road bikes.”

PC Jackson added that the police have had positive feedback from people across the south east about the use of the bike.

He added: “The public perception and confidence has gone up.

“They can see the police are actively doing something about it and it’s gone down really well.”

Inspector Geoff Carter, of the South East NPT said: “I said he would be an asset that we would use well and I think his results show that.

“He is keen to keep this up and I would like to thank him for his efforts. He is doing a great job.”

To report any illegal off-road motorbikes across the district area call the NPT on 101.

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.