Wakefield teenager voices CBeebies character on show with all-autistic cast

Rosie King is Llama
Rosie King is Llama

Wakefield teenager Rosie King is helping to make TV more diverse by championing the talents of people with autism.

Rosie, who has the condition, is a voiceover artist and scriptwriter for children’s show Pablo, which returned to CBeebies for a second series earlier this week.

The show centres around a five-year-old boy with autism who uses his magic colours to bring his imaginary animal friends to life so they can help him solve challenges and navigate the world around him. Rosie, 19, voices Llama, who is gentle and observant and repeats sounds made by others – a condition called echolalia.

The family animation, produced by Co. Down company Paper Owl, first aired in 2017 and was the first series to feature an all-autistic cast. While its colourful animations and exciting storylines have made Pablo popular with families, Pablo is also recognised for helping parents and children to develop their understanding of the autism spectrum.

Grainne McGuinness, the creator of Pablo and MD of Paper Owl, said: “We couldn’t be prouder of the real-world impact our show has made. We want our show to be fun and charming so all kids fall in love with our hero, Pablo, and feel inspired by his incredible adventures, whilst encouraging the audience to appreciate the perspective of those who think differently and see the world in different ways.”

The Pablo brand will soon become a fully-fledged franchise with a four-book publishing deal from Penguin, a UK-wide theatre production in partnership with Selladoor and a music album planned for the coming months. Pablo will air at 2.35pm every day and will also be available through BBC Player. For more information visit @PabloTVShow on social media.