Wakefield Christmas Hamper Appeal hits its target, with help from Express readers

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Volunteers and supporters of the Wakefield Christmas Hamper Appeal are celebrating after once again hitting their target.

The achievement means that 1,000 families who are in need will receive a hamper to give them a helping hand over the Christmas season.

Organised by the Community Awareness Programme (CAP) and the Rotary Club of Wakefield Chantry and supported by the Express, the appeal collects, packs and distributes the hampers in and around the Wakefield area.

The finished hampers have now been moved to the holding area at Camel Concrete in Kinsley, which has kindly donated the space, before being delivered to the Children First Hubs which will handle the final distribution to the individual families.

Bob Guard, from the rotary club, said: “It takes an awful lot of organisation, effort and money to put together the logistics to make this happen.

“CAP and the Rotary Club spend weeks in the organisation and collection to ensure that when the time comes there is enough food to be able to fulfil the target.

“However, we also need the generosity and support of companies, schools, organisations and individuals so that the target can be met.

“Well done to everyone involved, including all of the generous readers of the Express, who have once again this year shown their generosity in helping the appeal.”

The organisers are particularly grateful for the many donations of finished hampers. Of the 1,000 total, around 200 were donated to the appeal as complete hampers by the generous Express readership.

The hampers are now being distributed to the Children First Hubs - see next week’s Express for a report on those deliveries.