Group to offer help during OCD week of action

A group work session at Turning Point
A group work session at Turning Point

A social care group will host an information stand in a supermarket as part of a nationwide ‘OCD Week of Action’.

Staff from Rightsteps community mental health service in Wakefield will offer help with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder between 10am and 4pm tomorrow (Tuesday) while at Sainsbury’s in Trinity Walk.

The aim is to provide information about OCD, the help that is on offer to those affected, and to give advice for those who may worry about themselves or someone close to them.

Clare Wdowczyk, clinical lead at Rightsteps Wakefield, said: “Many of us will have peculiar habits that we might think of as ‘a bit OCD’, but severe OCD is actually one of the most disabling illnesses of any kind, in terms of its impacts on wellbeing and quality of life. The good news is that it is very treatable, and responds well to common talking therapies, especially if help is sought before severe symptoms develop.

“Those who have mild OCD-like habits should not worry, as these are very common.

“However, it’s important to recognise if these start to cause distress, or to affect your relationship, work or social life. Speaking with a wellbeing practitioner can help to identify if this is the case, and to control symptoms before they become more severe.”

Rightsteps staff will be at Sainsbury’s in Trinity Walk between 10am and 4pm on Tuesday February 17th. Rightsteps is run by Turning Point, the social enterprise which supports those affected by mental health issues, substance misuse and learning disabilities in England and Wales.