Pensioners’ fears over trees

PENSIONERS claim trees growing behind their homes could kill someone unless they are chopped down.

Elderly people living on and around Allott Close, in South Elmsall, have dubbed the trees - which are more than 80 feet tall - ‘killer conifers’.

Richard Gardham, 71, said: “If one of those trees falls down it will crush our homes and kill someone.”

“We have all just got fed up of them being there and want to get shut of them.”

Residents claim the trees rock back and forth in the wind and creak loudly.

John Hill, 72, also of Allott Close, said: “It’s beyond a joke. It all seems to boil down to money these days, not the health and safety of people.”

A petition has been sent to Wakefield Council and Wakefield and District Housing, which owns the houses on Allott Close, calling for the trees to be cut down.

Wakefield and District Housing said it was trying to establish who owned the land where the trees have grown before action could be taken.

Janet Smith, WDH area manager, said: “We are aware of the petition and residents’ concerns.

“We intend to carry out a survey of these trees as soon as possible to establish up-to-date information about their condition.

“Once we have this, we will be consulting with local residents about the next steps.”