Pension rise swallowed up

THIS morning I got my old age pension - a £5 increase which was good and needed.

But instead of being better off, my rent has risen by £8, so I’m £3 worse off.

Mr Cameron said we’re all in it together. What are we all in - ‘cloud cuckoo land?’

Every time my wife and many others go to the shop everything has gone up, 1p or 2p, in some cases 10p.

Mr Cameron goes to lunch in Parliament, maybe he gets a bottle of wine, probably costing £100. But he can claim it on his expenses, even though it costs about the same as what we live on each week.

I have worked from 1955 to 2000 with no extra works pension.

The moral of the story - all governments should get together and think who put them in the position they are in and not line their pockets.

Look after England - not for profits and favour.

England was once the best. It could be again.

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