Paying three times

I HAVE listened to the politicians, broadcasters and experts of all sides extolling their knowledge of the NHS but they have all missed a very important point.

Before we get to that point, I would like to make a few observations of my own.

Consecutive parties have introduced charges for treatment, such as prescriptions, opticians and dentistry and maybe even some others that I have not had to use.

Now, back to the initial point - since the NHS was introduced, every working person in the UK has contributed to it in the form of a percentage of their wages stopped out of their pay packet.

If this government goes the whole hog and privatises the NHS are these contributions going to stop? If not, why not?

There must be more than £20billion going into this pot every year so if contributions are stopped, where is the money going to come from?

As I said before, we already pay for some treatment and contribute via our wage packets. Are we going to have to pay for private health insurance in the future in order to get treatment? I think paying three times for one treatment is going a bit far.

Why doesn’t this lot do the decent thing and fall on their swords before they bankrupt the country altogether? They haven’t got a clue.

Let’s have an early election.

Sid Downs

Minsthorpe Lane

South Elmsall