Park is our responsibility

I was reading a letter titled ‘Rubbish is a Disgrace’ by John Spence, and I have to agree it is a disgrace.

My wife and I use the park every day to walk the dog and we too came across the carrier bag with the beer bottles and soiled nappy.

We were also disgusted so we took it home and threw the bag and its contents in the dustbin. I would urge all dog walkers and parents of young children to pick up any discarded bottles like we always do.

Every one who uses the park responsibly needs to get involved - it is our park and we need to protect it. I have reported people for making fires and the police came out and are now liaising with the council about this problem.

If you see anyone with guns or lighting fires then use the non emergency police number - 101 - and report it. Take your phones with you and stop leaving it down to someone else all the time.

We all use the park at different times of the day and we all see different things. It is a lovely park and we are lucky to have it. It is there to be used and not abused.

How do you expect the police to do something if they are not informed?

Philip Haigh

Vickers Avenue

South Elmsall