Outdoor adventure for kids

The group prepring to head off into the woods led by Jayne & Melvin Mills
The group prepring to head off into the woods led by Jayne & Melvin Mills
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BUILDING dens, making fires and watching local wildlife were the fun filled days for children before DVDs and Playstations – but youngsters have now got the chance to experience them again.

The Outdoor Action for Kids group is run by qualified forest leaders and gives children the chance to experience the great outdoors - Bear Grylls style.

Around 20 children go to the sessions and there are many more on a waiting list to experience the adventure.

It has been running for 12 months and Jane Mills, who helps run the club, said the children really love it and also learn a lot.

She said: “They have such a fun time, they just get lost in it all. They are allowed to get wet and mucky and I suppose it almost feels like they are getting to break the rules and be naughty. But it’s a great way of learning for them

“It’s great to see them having fun while being active in nature, it certainly beats playing computer games indoors.”

Volunteers who are qualified in first aid and are CRB checked, run the fortnightly sessions,

The group was funded by the Coalfields Generation Trust but are now in need of more volunteers to enable more children to come along.

Mrs Mills said: “It’s a shame that more children want to come but at the moment we can’t facilitate it because we don’t have enough people.”

She said if anyone is interested in helping the group they should contact her.

It takes place every other Saturday from 9.30am until 2pm.

For more information, visit www.oakforestschool.co.uk or contact Jane Mills on 07964 339 266