Our horror at homes cave-in

TWO families were left horrified when their ceiling caved in on top of them – just hours after builders left.

Pregnant Colette Johnson, of Newstead Drive, was woken in the middle of the night when her ceiling collapsed.

And her cousin Leanne Garside, of Newstead Terrace, watched in horror as her ceiling caved in too.

Both families were having loft insulation fitted in the properties owned by Chevin Housing Association when disaster struck two weeks ago.

Now Mrs Johnson and her family are being forced to sleep in the living room until the damage is repaired.

The work was being carried out by Ryan Gold Contracts – a building firm based in Hemsworth.

Mrs Johnson, 37, who lives with her husband Lee, 24, and has two daughters, Amy, 16, and Chloe, two, said: "I woke up and saw that my ceiling had started cracking. I was terrified. If I hadn't got out of my bedroom quickly enough I could have been seriously hurt.

"When the builders left, everything seemed fine – but a few hours later it caved in."

Miss Garside, 32, said her three children – aged 10, seven and five, had a lucky escape.

She said: "I can't believe the damage these so-called builders have caused. The upstairs of my entire home is completely ruined. All my personal possessions have been damaged and my children have had to spend every night on airbeds in our living room.

"The builders were only in my home for half-an-hour before the ceiling started coming through.

"I'm just pleased me and my kids were downstairs when it happened – if not, who knows what could have happened."

A spokesperson for Ryan Gold contracts, a building firm based in Hemsworth, said: "The issue involving the two homes in Fitzwilliam is being dealt with by our insurer."

Denis Creaghan, Chevin Housing Association's deputy chief executive, said: "The work at the homes on Newstead Terrace and Newstead Drive is being carried out on our behalf by contractors working for EAGA – a government organisation which is overseeing a programme to improve insulation in peoples' homes.

"It is unfortunate this situation has occurred but we will do all we can to make sure that the tenants are dealt with fairly and efficiently."