Town has been sold out

DENISE Cook (Express Postbag, May 10) has forgotten that the Labour Party has been in power in the Wakefield MDC for over 35 years and during that time has raped and pillaged our assets and allowed the decline and deprivation of our area.

Thursday, 17th May 2012, 11:30 am

To add insult to injury they also double rates.

Having seen the decline and deprivation she now wants to award the Labour councillors medals for promising to put things right tomorrow, but as the song goes, tomorrow never comes.

Denise also has her wires crossed regarding the Kirkby Road complex. Planning permission was revoked and the site is still owned by the Hemsworth Town Council.

I understand that as the complex, the community centre and Sandygate were all part of a turn key agreement, if one fails they all fail (I have yet to get an answer to this matter from our transparent council).

It is my perception that Wakefield MDC has worked tirelessly to siphon off most of our economic wealth and redirect it to Wakefield.

Hemsworth was promised a swimming pool but that has sunk out of sight.

My concern is that Wakefield MDC will allow wind turbines on the Kirkby Colliery pit site but the funds generated will be blown in the wind to Wakefield.

In your last paragraph you say ‘let’s sell our town’ - the trouble is Wakefield MDC has already sold our town down the river without a paddle.

Jim Kenyon has worked for this community and we should all get behind Jim and back his efforts to get us a community village that will create a better environment and jobs,.

Lobby your councillors and put pressure on them to support this project,

Do not let Dick Turpin steal such a valuable asset.

We can only have positive and happy news when the Labour councillors support us, not tomorrow but no!

See the real picture Denise and go to Specsavers or, better still, a local option.

Tom Stratford

Lowfield Road