Letter - Jon Trickett should give answers on expenses scandal

NEWS reports inform us that 26 MPs exploited a loophole in the expenses system, one being local MP Jon Trickett.

Monday, 12th November 2012, 7:50 am

In brief statements, MPs claim they have done nothing wrong by letting each other’s dwellings, thus living rent free by claiming expenses, while being the landlord to another MP’s dwelling. Is that worthy of respect?

Rents in London are expensive. One year’s expenses for one MP will not be peanuts, times this by 26. While this is taking place, the MPs’ constituents are told the country is deep in debts, cuts must be made to our services, so we all must tighten our belts! Remember, we are all in it together.

To quell rumours, hearsay and gossip of greed and arrogance, our local MP owes more than a vague statement to his Hemsworth team of volunteers, his tighten your belts constituents and we who have contributed to the pot.

Clarification is owed. Was another MP your landlord? What happened to any gained income from letting to another MP? Can you look your constituents in the eyes?

The last expenses scandal MPs claimed they had done nothing wrong. Result - a lot of humiliated MPs. Right or wrong the IPSA must close this loophole .

E Kirkaldy

Castlesyke View