On the Beat: With Insp Geoff Carter

Last Friday I joined officers from my team to conduct a day of action in Ackworth.

This was targeted at concerns raised at both community street PACTs, meetings, through Facebook, and from the Parish Council and looked at speeding, contravention of the village weight restrictions, and the unlicensed trading in scrap metal.

Our partners from Wakefield Council supported the operation with the environmental crime team out as well. We were also joined by Wakefield District Commander Chief Supt Andy Battle.

A number of people were advised regarding their speed, six tickets were issues to lorry drivers who disregarded the weight restrictions, and the council fined one man £300 for a scrap metal offence. I am sure lots of people saw us out and about. We will be running further such operations across the South East aiming to target local community concerns and issues.

I will be conducting my latest live surgery on Facebook between 6pm and 7pm this evening, Thursday, January 17. I will be available to discuss local issues, listen to concerns and answer questions. I am determined we will communicate with local communities as much as possible and modern social media is an important tool in doing this. Please get involved.