On the Beat: With Insp Geoff Carter

New Inspector Geoff Carter at South Kirkby NPT
New Inspector Geoff Carter at South Kirkby NPT

There have been only two burglaries in the South East this last week, one of which was at an insecure house.

Please remember to lock your doors and windows and leave a light on when your property is unoccupied

Investigations are continuing into the fire at Burntwood Community Centre. Anyone who has information is asked to contact the South East NPT on 101.

Our officers have spoken to a local farmer this week after we received a number of reports of excess mud on Southmoor Road.

The council will be cleaning the roads this week.

If you see a ‘mud on road’ sign please take this seriously, drive with caution and treat this the same way that you would with icy or slippery roads.

We have received a new delivery of purse bells.

These are a great anti-theft device, simply clip the bells to your purse, wallet or bag and the jingle will alert you to your property being touched. This is a successful deterrent against thieves.

If you would like a free purse bell, please speak to your local officer.