On the beat: With Insp Geoff Carter

New Inspector Geoff Carter at South Kirkby NPT
New Inspector Geoff Carter at South Kirkby NPT

Crime has remained low this week and this is always a good message to pass out.

The south east is a safe place to live and the support we receive from the local communities certainly helps us. My aim to build on the relationships we have with local groups and become more integrated into society.

You will have seen that I am always trying to engage with as many people as possible and I am supported by a great team of individuals who are committed to providing the best service possible. I thank the Express for assisting me to pass out important messages.

Last week I wrote about metal theft. I know from the contact I have with local people how this is a concern. I am also convinced that by working together we can target the people who commit such offences.

Finally, I would encourage any Facebook users to have a look at us at South East NPT. You will get a feel for the day to day business of your team can contact us and have your say on local issues.