On the Beat: With Insp Geoff Carter

Chief Superintendant Andy Battle, the new Wakefield District commander visited the South East on Tuesday.

Together we attended the community house on Close Street and met Denise Cook and other community activists. We also attended at Hemsworth Arts and Community College where PC Amanda Blunt, the safer schools officer, was presented with a bicycle that she will use to travel between the site and the local feeder schools.

I would like to thank PC Stacey Caddick, the Upton ward manager, who has organised a charity event at The Ganty on December 2. It will raise money for Upton Junior football club which was subject to an arson attack in August. I am pleased to support such groups across our area as the work they carry out with young people is invaluable.

PC Dave Jackson, the motor cyclist based at South Kirkby, has been working hard. Last Thursday he seized a 125cc motor cycle from West Street South Kirkby. The bike had been reported to the police for causing a nuisance locally.