Olympic torch on its way - how traffic will be affected

Olympic Torch route, Wakefield
Olympic Torch route, Wakefield

MOTORISTS can expect delays when the Olympic Torch reaches our district on Monday.

The Torch is expected to arrive in Wakefield at approximately 11.09 am moving through the city and past The Hepworth Gallery, before arriving in Castleford at about 11.49 am before heading to Pontefract for 12.05 pm and arriving in Ackworth at about 12.28 pm.

Olympic Torch route, Castleford

Olympic Torch route, Castleford

Large crowds are expected to line the route to watch the Torchbearers and the Olympic flame’s journey.

A series of full and rolling road closures will be in place to help the Torch and its convoy move across the district to its tight schedule.

Wakefield Council is asking spectators to arrive at their viewing points along the route up to an hour early to avoid missing the torch.

They are also asking people to avoid using their cars and to walk, use public transport or park in Council car parks on the day.

Olympic Torch route, Pontefract

Olympic Torch route, Pontefract

Details of car parks are available at www.wakefield.gov.uk/carparks

For more information about the Olympic Torch Relay through the district please visit www.wakefield.gov.uk/Torch

Torch Route


Olympic Torch route, Ackworth

Olympic Torch route, Ackworth

Approximate arrival time 11:09am

Wentworth Street (Wakefield Girls High School),

Burton Street (Wakefield College),

Bond Street (County Hall),

Wood Street (Town Hall),

Bull Ring,

Westmorland Street,

Teall Street,

Kirkgate Precint, Kirkgate (Hepworth Gallery)


Approximate arrival time 11:49am

Leeds Road (Joffre Avenue - Front Street),

Front Street,

Park Road.


Approximate arrival time 12:05pm

Front Street,

Jubilee Way,

Mill Hill Road,

Ackworth Road (The King’s School)


Approximate arrival time 12:28pm

Pontefract Road (Ackworth Quaker School),

Barnsley Road (Ackworth Moor Top and Oakfield Park Primary School).

Roads Subject to a Full Road Closure

Wood Street, Wakefield

11:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs

To provide a viewing area

Thornes Lane, Wakefield (Ings Road to Thornes Lane Industrial Estate)

11:15 hrs to 11:45 hrs

Roads Subject to Rolling Closure

Chancery Road, Ossett (District Boundary to Owl Lane)

10:15 hrs – 10:45 hrs

Kenmore Road, Wakefield (A650 to Coca-Cola Enterprises)

10:30 hrs – 11:15 hrs

Leeds Road, Wakefield (A650 to Bradford Road)

11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs

Wentworth Street, Wakefield

11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs

Leeds Road, Bond Street, Wakefield

11:00 hrs – 11:30 hrs

Bull Ring, Wakefield

11:15 hrs – 11:45 hrs

Wood Street, Cross Street and Northgate

Westmorland Street, Wakefield

11:15 hrs – 11:45 hrs

Kirkgate (Precinct to Ings Road/Thornes Lane including Marsh Way Roundabout)

11:15 hrs – 11:45 hrs

Thornes Lane (Kirkgate to Chantry Bridge Industrial Estate)

11:15 hrs – 11:45 hrs

Doncaster Road (Kirkgate to Waterside Way)

11:30 hrs – 12:00 hrs

Leeds Road, Castleford (Colorado Way to Front Street)

11:35 hrs to 12:05 hrs

Colorado Way, Park Road and Front Street Castleford

11:35 hrs to 12:05 hrs

Colorado Way, Park Road and Front Street Park Road, Castleford (Front Street to Stainburn Avenue)

11:45 hrs to 12:15 hrs

Front Street, Leeds Road and Colorado Way Park Road, Pontefract (Park Lane to Stuart Road)

11:55 hrs to 12:25 hrs

Front Street, Pontefrct (Stuart Road to Jubilee Way – Southbound side of dual carriageway)

11:55 hrs to 12:25 hrs

Jubilee Way, Pontefract (Southbound side of dual carriageway)

11:55 hrs to 12:25 hrs

Mill Hill Road, Pontefract (Southgate to Carleton Road)

12:00 hrs to 12:30 hrs

Ackworth Road, Pontefract (Carleton Road to Castlegate Drve)

12:00 hrs to 12:30 hrs

Ackworth Road, Ackworth (Meadow Way to Station Road)

12:15 hrs to 12:30 hrs

Barnsley Road, Ackworth (Station Road to Doncaster Road)

12:45 hrs to 13:15 hrs

Barnsley Road, Ackworth (Doncaster Road to Oakfield Park School)

13:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs