Officers tackle traffic issues

POLICE and students have been tackling problem heavy goods vehicles on Minsthorpe Lane.

Officers from the South Kirkby neighbourhood police team (NPT) and young people from Minsthorpe Community College joined forces with road traffic police, Revenue and Customs, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and special constables for the day of action.

The agencies tested 31 HGVs for red diesel and examined tachographs and other parts of a further 20 vehicles.

All were clear for red diesel, six drivers received tickets for motoring offences and one was issued with a penalty notice for a bald tyre.

The day of action was organised after complaints to the police and partner agencies from residents on Minsthorpe Lane.

The students also issued each driver with a leaflet highlighting the safety issues on Minsthorpe Lane.

Nearby residents have been campaigning for several years to have safety measures implemented on the road due to the high volume of HGVs that travel up and down it on a daily basis.

Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett has also called for something to be done about the issue.

In a bid to relieve the situation, Insp Jackie Turton, from the NPT, has asked local businesses with HGVs to inform drivers of a suggested alternative route, such as the Hemsworth-A1 link road, which was supposed to divert lorries away from local towns and villages.

She said: “This operation was initiated following concerns from local community residents.

“Residents complained of noise and general road safety matters due to an increased number of HGVs using the route through Minsthorpe Lane.

“I have written to a number of local businesses requesting they consider an alternative route and our partners and the college assisted us with the day of action, which was a great success.”.