Nursery evacuated after car fire

A NURSERY had to be evacuated after a car which had caught fire pulled into its carpark.

Fire fighters evacuted the children of Butterfly Nursery, Wakefield Road, Hemsworth, as a safety precaution around at around 8.45am today (Monday) when a man pulled into its carpark after his car caught fire in six inches of snow.

Crew Commander Andrew Houlton at Hemsworth Fire Station said: “He was driving home from work and his car set on fire before he got home. There was smoke coming off the car and it was on fire at the side. It was a small fire but we took the children out of the way.”

No one was injured.

More snow is forecast for today, according to the Met Office.

The weather is already causing disruptions with many schools in the South East closed and traffic delays.

West Yorkshire Police have issued safety warnings to drivers to take extra care in the snow. They are suggesting anyone travelling today should set off early, expect delays and not to take risks.

Car owners should ensure their lights are working and that salt and snow is cleared away from light fixtures.

Windows should be cleared of snow as it is illegal to drive with obscured vision and snow from the top of the car should also be wiped off so it doesn’t fall on the windscreen while driving.

They also advise motorists have sufficient fuel and keep their fuel tanks topped up, as well has having a mobile phone with them and a charger in the car.