No sympathy for police

DOES anybody remember the Miners’ Strike of 1984-85? I do.

Does anyone remembers Mrs Thatcher filling the wage packets of the police force? I do.

Do you remember the brutality of the picket lines? I do. They took Mrs Thatcher’s shilling and paid it back in spades.

And now that son of Thatcher, the man who would be king, is going to slash 16,000 jobs in the police force, they think they are being badly treated.

Mrs Thatcher closed 50 pits at a cost of 50,000 jobs and more than 50 communities around the country, I don’t want anybody to lose their jobs but doesn’t money change people’s attitude to the way they think.

If anybody in a blue uniform asks me for sympathy I’ll send them away in spades.

Sid Downs

Minsthorpe Lane

South Elmsall