Nine-inch knife left near to school

A CONCERNED resident who found a nine-inch knife just yards away from a South Elmsall school has expressed anger that it was still there five days later.

Leonard Shaw, 60, of Minsthorpe Lane, was out walking last Monday when he came across the knife on the small footbridge next to Minsthorpe playing fields. He reported it to the police but was astonished to see the knife was still there when he went out walking on Friday.

He said: “I stopped to tie my shoelace when I saw this huge knife just lying on the ground. It had been stabbed into a bottle. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“It is so dangerous and it’s just been left. The school is only 200 yards away - what if a kid got hold of it? I dread to think of what could happen. Knives are dangerous and can kill people.”

Mr Shaw said he did not want to pick the knife up as he was worried what could be on it but contacted the police immediately. He said an officer told him that it would need to be dealt with by the council and that they took his details and said someone would be in touch.

He said: “I thought 24 hours was long enough, but five days is absolutely ridiculous. There should have been someone from the police or the council to remove it straight away. No-one has bothered to get in touch, and it just goes to show the police and council do not care about this community. I think it is appalling and I feel very let down by it.”

A spokesman from Wakefield Council said he was unable to comment as the Anti Social Behaviour Unit had not received any reports of any knife found.

A spokeswoman from West Yorkshire Police said: “We spoke with Mr Leonard and take matters like this very seriously and work closely with council colleagues in insuring our communities are kept safe and litter free. Due to the assistance of the member of our community, we were able to locate and recover the knife.”