New university study means you can get paid for being hungover

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A university is offering people the chance to get paid for having a hangover - by taking part in a boozy study.

Researchers at the University of Bath are investigating how the morning after affects the way people process and retain information.

The department of psychology, which is conducting the study, says volunteers will attend an initial screening session and then two testing sessions.

One of the testing sessions will take place on a day "it is likely you will experiencing a hangover".

Researchers says data from the study will also show how hangovers may influence 'higher' thinking processes, such as impulsivity.

The organisers say they are looking for "social drinkers who regularly experience hangovers":

To qualify you must:

- regularly drink around six units of alcohol (female), or eight units of alcohol (male) on one occasion

- have experienced a hangover in the past month

- be aged 18-30 years

- be in good physical and mental health

- have English as first language or equivalent level of fluency

- be a non-smoker

- have normal or corrected to normal vision

- not be pregnant or breast feeding

- not be currently taking medication (except the birth control pill) or recreational drugs

- not drink more than four cups of coffee or other caffeinated drinks per day

- not have a current or past history of alcohol or drug dependency, or family history of dependency

- not currently have a diagnosed sleep disorder

The psychology department says the initial screening session will last between 15 and 20 minutes and the testing sessions will each last 40 to 45 minutes.

Volunteers will be paid £15 as a thanks for taking part.