New pub will not tolerate old problems

The Bluebell a new pub in Hemsworth
The Bluebell a new pub in Hemsworth

A national pub chain has pledged to ‘nip any trouble in the bud’ when it opens its first pub in Hemsworth later this month.

JD Wetherspoons will open the doors to The Blue Bell - formerly the Crosshills Tavern - on Tuesday, October 22.

The pub was previously a trouble hotspot, with police called out regularly to deal with a range of offences.

It was issued with a closure order under licensing legislation in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2011 after police were called out three times during the course of the evening for public order and drugs offences.

JD Wetherspoons has spent around £1m on renovating the building and the opening will create a number of new jobs.

A spokesman for the pub chain said The Blue Bell would offer a safe environment for local residents and that it had taken steps to ensure any issues would be stamped out straight away.

He said: “Wetherspoons operates 900 pubs and the ones in Pontefract and Wakefield have been very successful.

“We have an extremely good reputation for the manner in which we run our pubs.

“All our pubs have CCTV and if the police recommend door staff then we will employ door staff - we will go ahead with anything the police recommend.

“We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously.

“Without casting aspersions on the previous pub, we would say that this one will be very different. It is a new start for this pub. Obviously we can’t say there will never be trouble but we will look to nip it in the bud as soon as possible if any problems arise.

“We have the highest number of Best Bar None awards for working with local licensing departments to meet high standards in all our pubs.

“It will be well run when it opens, as are our other venues in the area.

“The Blue Bell will be far removed from what was there previously. Wetherspoons always gets involved in any local Pubwatch schemes and if there isn’t one, we will most likely set one up.

“Wetherspoons welcome all families and children can come into the pub if the adults they are with are eating food.

“We don’t have any entertainment - we offer modern pubs with very good facilities where people can meet to eat, drink and chat with each other. We want our customers and staff to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.”