Name fight: did he know?

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To all the people who objected against the road signs - last Monday, myself, Coun Benson and Mrs Cawthorn attended Pontefract Magistrates’ Court for the third time.

The District Judge Marie Mallon gave her decision on the two road names that Coun Laurie Harrison wanted and got.

The first court visit Coun Harrison did attend, but on the second court hearing, he did not. Instead he went to the Yorkshire Day celebrations in Wakefield that WMDC arranged.

He was not at the court for the third and last time, to hear what the District Judge had to say plus the papers she gave us to read.

I wonder if he knew about the decision that had been made and had no reason to attend? One wonders why.

Yes readers, Coun Harrison is to get his two foreign signs. What a threesome.

I’m sure some readers did not know we were twinned with a town in the South of France. I just hope that when the twin towns visit that as a council tax payer to South Kirkby and Moorthorpe that I am not paying for their trips out and about.

Sorry to all the 80 who objected and to the others in future - take care where you put your cross.

June Harrison

Prospect Terrace

South Kirkby