Most Wakefield people are 'proud to be English'

St George's Day, Wakefield
St George's Day, Wakefield

More than two thirds of people in Wakefield are proud to be English, a new survey has revealed.

A poll conducted by the BBC and YouGov found that 69 per cent of people living in the district felt a sense of pride in their nationality. Across towns and cities in England the average was 57 per cent.

Pollsters found there was an age divide when it came to the question of national identity and whether or not England was better in the past.

While pensioners were more likely than most to say they were proud to be English, less than half of young adults agreed.

In Wakefield, 58 per cent said that England was better in the past, with most older people holding that view. By contrast, just 14 per cent believed the nation's best days were ahead of them.

Researchers also found a great deal of apathy in attitudes towards local decision-making.

Around three quarters of those asked in Wakefield felt they had little influence over the key choices made in the district, though this was reflected in views held by people across the country.