Month of residents’ rubbish is uncollected

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PILES of rubbish have been left uncollected for more than a month.

Residents on Ings Lane, Kinsley, have not had their rubbish bins emptied after construction work opposite their homes began, and blocked the road restricting access for council waste collectors.

Grandmother-of-five Kathleen Hardacre, has not had her bins emptied since the beginning of August and has bin bags of extra rubbish piling up outside her back door.

She said: “It’s not nice to have all of this smelly rubbish lying around, especially when my grandchildren come and visit. It’s not hygienic and is totally unacceptable.”

She complained several times to the council, but said they “kept passing the buck saying it was not their responsibility.”

Southdale Construction, who has been building the estate for the past four months, has several large vehicles using the road several times a day, blocking the road.

Hemsworth Town councillor Peter Hardacre said: “It’s a terrible situation these residents have been put in. To have that much rubbish backed up is disgusting and something needs to be done to resolve this problem.

Glynn Humphries, service director for cleaner and greener said: “I apologise to residents for the delay to their collections and the rubbish has now been removed. We have been unable to get the wagons down the streets because of all the vehicles parking on the road, however we will ensure that alternative arrangements are made if the access problem continues.”

Declan McHugh, development director for Southdale Construction said: “The issue regarding the bin collection occurred on Friday 31st August. On that day we had arranged for services to be connected to the new housing site. This unfortunately meant that the adjacent road had to be temporarily stopped to allow for excavation and trench work to be carried out.

“We were unaware that there were to be bin collections on that day and we apologise to the residents for any inconvenience this may have caused.”