Minsthorpe Community College students given talk by professor

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Psychology and biology students at Minsthorpe Community College took part in a neuroscience session last week.

The ‘brain conference’ was given by Dr Guy Sutton an honorary consultant assistant professor at University of Nottingham Medical School.

He gave the talk to more than 60 A level students from Minsthorpe and Ossett Academy.

The session included a discussions about research on neuro-imaging, the effects of drugs, brain stimulation, out of body experiences and schizophrenia.

Minsthorpe student Ashley Spencer said: “I found Dr Sutton very inspiring.

“The session made me want to find out more about the latest brain research.”

The students also watched the dissection of a sheep’s brain to give a comparison of human and animal brains and to examine the areas of the brain involved in mental illness.

Minsthorpe student Katie Danks said: “I really enjoyed the session.

“One thing that has stuck in my mind is that research has shown the brain makes a decision split seconds before you are even aware of this.”