Met Office warn of further floods

Station Road in Castleford. Picture courtesy of Adam Slater
Station Road in Castleford. Picture courtesy of Adam Slater

People are being warned about the risk of further flooding tomorrow as heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to hit the region for the second time in three days.

A huge storm forced people to evacuate their homes last night as more than five feet of rain fell in Castleford.

Now, the Met Office has issued another yellow ‘be aware’ weather warning for tomorrow.

The Met Office said: “There continues to be a great deal of uncertainty in the forecast but the public should be aware of the risk of flooding due to heavy rain.

“This is a particularly volatile situation and the public are advised to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and alerts through the weekend.”

Firefighters worked through the night on Friday to help evacuate people from their homes and rescue people from cars stuck in flood waters.

Dave Smith, Watch Commander at Castleford fire station, issued a warning to motorists ahead of further rain tomorrow.

He said: “Please do not endanger yourself or anyone else during these adverse weather conditions.

“Rather than attempting to go through flood waters please find an alternative route.”

The warning will be in place between 12.15am to 11,45pm tomorrow (Sunday).