Man drove bike at police officers in bid to escape

A 21-YEAR-OLD man drove a stolen motorbike at two police officers in a bid to escape.

Taylan Demir, of Wesley Street, South Elmsall, shouted threats and swore at the officers as he tried to get away from them on May, 10, Pontefract Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday.

He admitted using abusive and threatening language and handling stolen goods at an earlier hearing in July, but sentencing was deferred after he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The threatening and abusive language breached an anti-social behaviour order made in July 2008.

Mitigating, Chris Morton, said: “At the time of these incidents he had, for the first time, been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and given different types of treatment.”

He said Demir lived with his mother who said she was pleased with his progress.

Mr Morton said: “It’s fair to say the defendant’s behaviour prior to that was due to the illness.”

In a previous hearing Pontefract Magistrates’ Court heard the owner of the motorbike noticed it had been stolen in February.

He later received information about its whereabouts and told police, who turned up at Demir’s house.

The two officers were making their way down the side of the property when they spotted Demir on the bike in his garden.

He started up the engine and rode it at them, but one of the officers managed to grab him and pulled him off the motorbike.

It was also heard how Demir purchased the bike for £100 from a local drug dealer.

Prosecuting, David Holderness, said: “He accepts he was in possession of the stolen bike and accepts he drove it towards the officers.

“He made contact with an officer but no injury was caused.”

Demir was given a nine-month supervision order.